Why do I need an app, I have a mobile site/my site is responsive?

Native Mobile Apps compliment your mobile website in the following ways:

  • House all of your content channels in one place (blog, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, etc.) and monetize on your own terms
  • allow you to be where the audience is (reminder: this will not take away from your website’s traffic - it will shift it to a more engaging experience and grow your overall traffic)
  • SEO + ASO: Apps are included in Google's search engine algorithms and there is also added benefit to having a presence in the app store (ASO or “App Store Optimization”) when users search for you there
  • pre-fetching of content in app makes for MUCH faster and more responsive loading
  • maintain a persistent brand presence on your audiences' devices & home screens
  • push notifications allow you to notify your audience of important updates in real time
  • native features like share tools, bookmarking, apple pay, facebook connect, etc.
  • Smooth, snappy, & sleek feel of a mobile app and mobile advertising is overall superior to the clunky un-optimized mobile web


This is how WE see it, but Forbes simply says "The Mobile Browser is Dead.”



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