Creating Your Own Android Developer Account


Due to new policies put forth by the Google Play store, all Android apps must now live under their own individual developer account instead of the unified DWNLD developer account. 

No sweat! We'll walk you through the simple steps of getting your account set up so we can get your shiny new Android app live in the Google Play store! 

Step 1: Navigate to this page to sign up for a Google Developer account. If you already have a Google account (for Gmail and other apps), you can use that to set up your developer account. Otherwise, you'll need to first create a Google account, which is simple. 

Step 2: Accept the Google Play agreement and click "Continue to Payment"

Step 3: Use a valid credit card to pay the $25 one-time developer fee. 

Step 4: Fill out your developer profile

Step 5: Once inside the console, click the "Invite Co-Workers to the Developer Console" link pictured below: 

Step 6: Click the "Invite New User" button

Step 7: Invite the user "" and set permissions to "Admin"

Step 8: Add your Google Play Developer ID to the DWNLD Dashboard by following these instructions.

Step 9(optional): If you would like to charge for your Android app please email us at


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