DWNLD Publisher App vs. DWNLD Dashboard

The DWNLD Publisher App and the DWNLD Dashboard are used to customize your app to really make it your own. Below are a few of the key distinctions between the DWNLD Publisher App and the DWNLD Dashboard.

DWNLD Publisher App
- preview your content

- make design changes and customizations

- reorder your menu items

- respond to comments from your users (If you comment back from the Publisher App, a blue checkmark will appear next to your name.)

DWNLD Dashboard
- make content changes such as adding and deleting content

- upload app icon and launch screens

- edit billing information

DWNLD Publisher App or DWNLD Dashboard
- fill out App Store Details

- choose a plan

- send push notifications

- view analytics

- set up/edit advertising

- contact support


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