What are App Store Details and what information should I include?

Here's some helpful hints for each of the fields on the App Store Details page:

App Icon: Upload a high-resolution 1024x1024px image for your app icon. It can be a logo or any graphic of your choosing! Need help creating or resizing an image? Just let us know.
App Name: Exactly what you think it is :)
App Short Name: This is a shorter, 12-character version of your app's name. On iOS it's the name that appears underneath the app icon on your home screen.
Primary Category: Choose the one that best fits your app's content. 
App Description: Please write at least 250 characters about your app and the content inside it. That's only about three sentences - no sweat! 
Copyright Holder: If you're a business, please use the business name. If you're an individual, please use your name.

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