How do I add a forum/discussion to my app?

1. Sign in to the DWNLD Publisher App (click here for iOS, click here for Android).

2. Click "Discussion" and make sure "Show Discussion Topics" is turned on. You can also choose to allow users to create discussion topics here.


3. Navigate to "Discussion" at the bottom of your content menu and click the account/user icon in the upper left corner. This is where you will create your discussion account by connecting your Facebook, Twitter, or email. Once you have created your account, navigating back to this page will allow you to adjust your moderator settings.


4. Click the "+" button to create a topic. Enter your topic title and (optional) topic message.


5. After you have created your discussion topic you will be brought back to the main discussion screen, with a list of all of your discussions and the comments they have received. Sliding your discussion topic will reveal moderation options such as like, pin, close, and delete topic.                                


6. Click into the topic and tapping the "+" sign will allow you to leave a comment.



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