How do I charge for content in my app?

Our research shows that offering a Premium Channel is the best way to monetize your app! A Premium Channel let’s you offer exclusive in-app content that is made available to users who opt into a monthly or annual subscription.

To get started, create a new category in your app. Then upload 3 or more unpublished articles in the new channel. We suggest you manually upload these premium articles to ensure they are not published to the channel. Lastly, email with the following information:

  1. The name of your premium channel
  2. The monthly and/or annual subscription amount you’d like to set your channel

FYI the price(s) can be set in intervals $0.99 ranging from $0.99 - $9,999.99. We’ll make sure you’re all set for Apple’s review, which takes 4 - 10 days.


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